SKIN treatments

Professional medical skin care treatments catered to your skin type, skin concerns and your budget!


What product line do you trust for your medical-grade peels?

We use all PCA Skin products. We believe in progressive peels, not aggressive peels. We work with the client's individual level of sensitivity and what they are looking to achieve. Many of our peels are designed with the idea that other treatments will be used in the long-term treatment of the guest.

Will I peel aggressively after a peel?

You don't have to peel after a peel. Some clients never see visible peeling. You will still achieve outstanding results without exhibiting peeling. PCA Skin peels are progressive not aggressive. Everyone's skin is different. Some may see visible peeling others will not. You do not need to physically peel to see improvements on texture, tone and overall appearance.


What is the downtime following a PCA Skin peel?

There is minimal downtime after a PCA Skin Peel. Most clients leave their treatment with a radiant glow and able to continue with regular activities. Sun exposure is certainly not recommended. Wearing sunblock is highly recommended. And avoiding activity that causes sweating 48 hours post procedure is also recommended.

How does peeling help my skin?

When you peel you are exfoliating. In other words, dead, damaged skin cells are shedding. This process helps reveal new, healthy skin on the surface. This is also referred to as cell turnover. A process that slows down as we age. A healthy cell turnover allows new skin cells to come to the surface keeping the skin glowing and healthy looking.

Am I a candidate for a PCA Skin Peel?

Each peel is customized according to skin concern, skin color and level of sensitivity. Expectant moms or breast feeding moms, those taking Accutane, someone with a sunburn or under radiation therapy are not candidates for a peel.


SKIN Treatments

Oxy Facial with LED Therapy 125
Corrective Peel Facial with LED Therapy 155
Corrective Peel Facial and Dermaplaning 155
Express Corrective Peel 65
Express Corrective Peel with Dermaplaning 85
Fit for a Teen Facial with LED Therapy 85
Microdermabrasion with LED Therapy 155
Microneedling with LED Therapy 250
Microneedling with PRP & LED 450
Dermaplaning Facial 105
Dermaplaning Facial with LED Therapy 130
Dermaplaning Add-on 35
Dermaplaning 45
Deep Pore Detoxifying Facial with LED Therapy 135
Backcial 95
Signature Hydrafacial 149
Clarifying Hydrafacial 149
Radiance Hydrafacial 199
Age Refinement Hydrafacial 199
Restorative Hydrafacial 249
Platinum Hydrafacial 269
Soothing Foot Peel 35