Sugaring Hair Removal is an ancient hair removal technique said to have originated in Egypt. Same concept as waxing. However, an entirely different technique and product. Sugaring is 100% natural.


Is Sugaring Hair Removal less painful than wax?

Yes. There are two main factors which reduce pain- the product itself and the direction it is removed. The sugar only adheres to dead skin cells, unlike waxing which adheres to live skin cells leaving the skin red, sensitive and irritated. Hairs are removed in the hair's natural direction of growth which allows for less stress on the skin.

Can sugaring be used on all body parts?

Yes, Sugaring can be performed on all areas of the body- legs, arms, body, face, underarms, bikini and everything in between.


What is the sugar made of?

The sugar used in sugaring has only 3 ingredients: sugar, water and citric acid. Unlike waxing, it has no artificial ingredients which reduces unnecessary chemical exposure. For guests with sensitive skin this is especially important because there is less chance of having an allergic reaction.

Is the sugar hot and can it burn me like wax?

No. The amazing thing about sugar is that it is stored at room temperature and stays pliable with the body's natural heat. One of the leading causes of discomfort with guests who have tried waxing in the past is that the wax was applied at too high of a temperature and they were burned during the application.



sugaring menu

Sugaring Back Strip 10
Sugaring Full Brazilian 65
Sugaring Brazilian 4-5 Week Maintenance 45
Sugaring Bikini Line 30
Sugaring Deep Bikini Line 35
Sugaring Face 25
Sugaring Full Arms 45
Sugaring Full Legs 75
Sugaring Full Legs 4-5 Week Maintenance 60
Sugaring Lip & Chin 10
Sugaring Lower Arms 30
Sugaring Lower Legs 35
Sugaring Thighs 40
Sugaring Underarms 20
Sugaring Men's Back 75